Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Gallery


Lana Healy agrees to a blind date with Conner after much nagging from a mutual friend. She knows that Conner is an artist, but what she was not aware of is the fact that he’s also a vampire. This ceases to be an issue for her when their chemistry together becomes undeniable.

Lana soon realises that his being a vampire is the least of her worries when it comes to her feelings for him. She can only hope that he feels the same way.

Excerpt (ADULT) :

“I’m flattered that you want me. I want you, too. I really do. But I’m leaving in a few days, and you don’t seem like the kind of woman who is big on casual encounters. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Christ, Conner, I’m not asking you to be my boyfriend. While it may be true that I am not known for my one night stands, that doesn’t mean I’m not capable of it. We’re adults, we are attracted to each other, apparently, and—”

“What do you mean ‘apparently’?” He cut me off.

“I mean that you are gorgeous, and any woman in her right mind would want you. And for some reason you seem to want me, too.”

“For some reason? Would you like me to list the reasons I want you? Would that help to clarify for you? First, you are beautiful.” He held up a hand to stop the protest he could tell was about to fall from my lips. “You are funny, you’re smart, you’re just as crass as I am and you want me.” He pressed his body between my legs, wrapping his arms around my waist.


“But nothing. If you can promise no regrets, then so can I.” He brought my hand to his lips, laying a gentle kiss on my palm. “I want you, Lana.” He kissed my forehead. “I want you.” He kissed my eyelids. “I want you.” He kissed my lips, my neck, my collarbone.

My hand went to his head, fingers running through his thick black hair as he unbuttoned my shirt, spreading the fabric to expose my breasts. His hands moved to my legs, sliding my skirt up my thighs while his hips pushed my knees further apart.

He started kissing a trail down my chest, his face pressing into me, urging me to lean back. My shoulders hit the piano keys. The sound echoed through the room, making me jump.

Conner smiled at me, then gripped my calves, pulling my ass to the edge of the bench as my back played a few more notes for us on the keys. My skirt was bunched up around my waist, and he hooked his thumbs under the elastic of my panties, pulling them down then off before continuing his descent down my body with his mouth. I fought not to giggle at how cold the wood felt against my suddenly bare ass.

The whole situation was so unlike me. I’d started the evening angry about being set up with a vampire, and a few hours later I was almost naked in my best friend’s art gallery with my undead surprise. On their brand new piano, I might add.

I might have laughed at the absurdity of it all if he hadn’t chosen that moment to press his thumb against my clit. Any humour I might have felt was washed away with the small, hard circles he made against me, replaced by an intense need to feel more of him against me, inside of me.

I had thought I wanted him before, but when he licked a slow line up my slit, I realised I hadn’t even begun to understand what that could mean. His mouth was so warm against me, his tongue making the same movements he had made with his thumb moments before. He flicked his gaze up to look at me and ran his stubbled jaw over my clit, making me come. The orgasm caught me off guard. I hadn’t been prepared for it to hit me so quickly. My nails dug into his shoulders as my head flew backward, my body spasming against the keyboard and filling the room with more strained notes.

“Is that the opening chorus of Phantom of the Opera?” he asked, a crooked smile spreading across his lips.

“That was amazing,” I said softly.

He stood, pulling me to my feet with him. “I don’t know that one. You’ll have to show me.” He kissed me, his mouth still flavoured with my juices.

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