Saturday, November 29, 2008

Guest author: Jane Beckham

The Grip crew would like to welcome author Jane Beckham.

Happy belated Thanksgiving to you all.

It’s a holiday that here in New Zealand where I am we don’t celebrate which I think is kind of a shame. In my family, particularly, we have a lot to be thankful for. My great grandparents were on the ‘founding father’s ship, The Duchess of Argyle, which came to New Zealand with the first lot of immigrants. New Zealand had been a whaling port up to that time, until a Mr Wakefield masterminded the mass settlement of our small country back in the 1860s.

In today’s world where there is so much uncertainty and economic pressure on us all, it seems hard to come up with things we could all be thankful for.

So as I sit here writing, I wonder what could, or should, be on my list.

1. I’m upright, moving on two legs, which because of my disability is a true blessing.

2. I have a wonderful husband with whom I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this year, a true testament of commitment.

3. To my two daughters who challenge me and love me in equal measures.

4. That each day I can use my brain and hopefully come up with some words, - okay they may not necessarily be wonderfully witty, or pure literature, but it’s a story at least that hopefully sometime someone will want to read.

Because NZ doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, we are all gearing up for Christmas. So perhaps I can tell you a little about this, because of course, New Zealand is celebrating the summer months and Christmas is not snow or winter woolies, but beaches and bbqs.

I live in Auckland which is surrounded by both beaches and volcanoes which are hopefully extinct. Christmas is the scarlet pohutukawa tree lining our beaches, the smell of bbq smoke wafting up from backyards, it’s a real Christmas tree with fake snow sprayed on the tips. It’s poor Santa walking the streets sweltering under all the layers of an 80degF heat. It’s sitting down to lunch with a turkey, but with salads too and maybe a steak on the barbie. Christmas is also pavlova, a meringue/marshmallow like desert topped with whipped cream and of course our very own kiwi fruit.

So, yes there is a lot to be thankful for.

The sun has risen to a new day, that’s good.

Happy holidays everyone,
Jane Beckenham

What will be in your Christmas stocking?
by Jane Beckenham

Biography – Jane Beckenham
Author Jane Beckenham found literature at a young age. In books she discovered dreams and hope, stories that inspired in her a love of romance, and travel. Years later, after a blind date, Jane found her own true love and married him eleven months later.

Life has been a series of ‘dreams’ for Jane. Dreaming of learning to walk again after spending years in hospital. Dreaming of raising a family and subsequently flying to Russia to bring home her two adopted daughters. And of course, dreaming of writing.

In 2007 Jane celebrates the release of her fourth book. HIRING CUPID, a fun and sexy read that will leave you searching for your very own Cupid.

With her family growing up, life is a round of playing mum's taxi service, all the while wondering what her hero and heroine are up to behind her back! Writing is Jane’s addiction - and it sure beats housework.

You can contact Jane via her web site or email her at


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