Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Happy endings? I take it we’re not talking about that massage parlor over on 32nd and Broadway.

I think happy endings are very important, if not an outright must, when you put your characters through as much hell as I do. Having said that, I don’t always deliver a clear cut “and they lived happily ever after.” More often than not, even though the characters are in a good place and have been made stronger through their shared troubles, there is something lurking in the darkness just ahead and ready to take them on the next grand adventure.

Why would I do that to those poor people? In short, I don’t believe in Happily Ever After. I believe in happiness and the pursuit and once found holding onto it for as long as possible, but nothing lasts forever. Now wait just a cotton pickin’ minute, you say. What about love? I do believe in a forever kind of love, but it must be an ever evolving beast and with change comes highs and lows. The love may not diminish, but no one can exist in a perpetual state of happiness. Life just won’t allow that to happen. True, it may NOT be our significant other that causes unhappiness, but we all have to experience our lows to really appreciate the highs.


  1. My 3rd book ends on a down note, but I did add an epilogue with some sort of closure for the characters...the rest all have happy endings, at least for now!

  2. Hey James,

    I have to agree!

    The only constant in life is change.

  3. Happily ever after is such a deception & a cruel one too, since it comes with children's books mostly. deceiving children is so terrible.


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