Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Ever After

What kind of ending do you like? Most people like happy endings to their books. Of course, the definition of a happy ending varies from book to book.

For some a happy ending requires a wedding. For others a commitment is enough. And then there are the books--whodunits--that the required ending is catching the killer.

How do you feel about your books? How would you feel about a book that didn't have a happy ending? Are happy endings realistic?

Readers are split on subject matter for books. I've had readers who questioned why there are not more books that deal with real issues and other readers have pointed out that they read books for escape and therefore don't want to read about serious issues. It seems to me that those preferences could carry across to the endings, too.

I would like to hear what readers would like.



  1. I like flashbacks. the circular structure, where a book ends with the same line it begins. I also like open ended books.

    Happy endings can be both realistic & unrealistic, depending upon the story line.

  2. i just want an honest ending. i'd rather have an open-ended or even sad ending that rings true to the characters and setting than to have a contrived happy ending. of course if there is a happy ending with integrity so much the better. but most of all, i want honesty.

  3. I'm not sure I'll be much help. It depends on my mood what I want to read or watch. Usually, however, I want a HEA. Sometimes, though, I just want a good end of the world movie.


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