Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I could have danced...

by Jude Mason

You know the very thought of never writing again terrifies me. I'm sure a lot of authors feel the same way. It's so much a part of who we are, it'd be like asking me/them to stop breathing. The concept of having this feeling about some other 'gift' has really made me think. What would I want to do if writing had never entered my world.

I really thought about what Lisabet posted on. I'm incredibly socially inept. I often wish I was more comfortable speaking in public. Heck, I don't even speak well when it's just friends around. But, it's not something I feel I'd want to replace writing.

Dancing though. I have always adored dancing. When I was about 6, my father taught me how to ballroom dance. WOW! It was amazing. To move to the music, to become an extension of it and let it move me, I was in heaven.

When I got to junior high, they'd have a dance every Friday afternoon and I was there. I mean I was the first one there and the last to leave. The beat of the drums was like the beating of my heart. I loved all kinds of music and still do, and have danced to most of it over the years.

I married a man who isn't a dancer. It was tough and for many years I truly moped when there was bands I wanted to see or simply places where I could dance and he just didn't want to go.

Raising children, teaching little ones how to move to the music, how to let it influence their bodies was amazing fun. There were times I went out with girlfriends, danced with anyone who'd ask or who I felt I could ask.

So, if I had to give writing away, I'd like to reclaim dancing. I have no idea if you can make a living at it, but I'd have tried. The heck with speaking well, let the body speak for you.

What do you all think?


  1. Hi Jude,

    Wonderful post.

    The way you describe dancing is amazing because, even though I dance like a tree, you've made me want to go out and shake my thang.



  2. Oh, Jude,

    I do identify. Like all little girls (well, maybe not these days), I wanted to be a ballerina.

    Don't let your reluctant partner stop you from shaking your booty, baby!


  3. Hmmm, I dance almost as well as I can sing. I never viewed dancing with much interest, it was something to kill time in the bar between cigarettes. *G*

    Great post, Jude!


  4. I too married a man who won't dance. And I attended two class reunions, both with a DJ, but none of my friends were interested in dancing, and my 'dance partner' I'd lined up had a sick child anc couldn't attend. So now I'm stuck dancing alone in my kitchen...to my CD's and the radio!

  5. I'd like to be able to figure skate. I love watching the competitions.
    Can't even stand up on skates, though

  6. My late-husband used to dance like a knee-jerking stick figure, God bless him, so we didn't dance very often. Okay, I will admit it...I am not a good dancer, either. I always wanted to be a librarian or a bookstore owner.

  7. If not a writer then . . . Well, if we go all the way back to childhood dreams, I'd have to say a Child Psychologist. That's what I wanted to be when I grew up. Instead, I became a mom. :-) Same thing, right? LOL.

    If I think about it now -- what would I be if I wasn't involved in the writing world -- I can't answer. Or rather, I can but the answer would be "nothing." I seriously think I'd curl right up and die if I didn't do what I'm doing now. It's become so much a part of who and what I am. As you mentioned - like breathing. And who wants to stop breathing? :-/

  8. Well, I'm not a writer. Oh, I dabble and enjoy doing a bit now and then, but I don't feel the same about it as you do Jude, I wish I did. I'd love to be as passionate about pretty well anything as you are about writing. If I had my choice I think I'd be a photographer. Again, I'm more a snapper than a photographer, but it's not like writing - the law of averages works in your favour. Keep on pressing the shutter often enough and one of the shots will come good. I've been taking photos for so many years, but some of other peoples (you know whos) leave me feeling pretty inadequate LOL

    Nice post Jude!

  9. Verb is a snapper...heh heh heh

    Sorry, I couldn't resist!

    ~ Jenna

  10. Wow. Really tough question, because you're right. I can scarcely imagine life without writing.
    If I had to do something else I supposed I would've been a singer, but not a very good one. I could picture myself standing on stage in some honky-tonk; dodging beer bottles while I wailed out some mournful folk/country ballad, filled with heartache and desire.


  11. Ash,

    Dancing should be fun and make you want to move. Doesn't matter if it's a conventional dance, it's good fun. Thanks for stopping by and commenting


  12. Lisabet,

    Lordy, I hadn't remembered the ballet thing. I remember practicing the steps. One of my little girlfriends took lessons and she'd pass the lessons on. Ouch, my poor toes. LOL


  13. Jenna!

    You smoked!? OMG!

    Maybe you should take up golf or something. At least I wouldn't have to listen to it.

    Ducking... LOL

    Dancing is just fun. It's great exercise too.


  14. Molly, I so identify with you here. It's tough when a partner isn't interested. I guess it's just important that we don't give it up. It really is a good thing to do.

    Thanks so much for dropping by the Grip


  15. Jeanne,

    You know, being as I'm in Canada, you'd think I could ski and skate and all those winter things. I do none of them. They all cost and I grew up...uh, less than well off. LOL I love to watch figure skating to. They just seem so beautiful twirling and jumping. They make it look easy, and I know that's part of the talent they have. Sigh.

    Thanks so much for coming by.


  16. Patsy,

    You just described my hubby's dancing style. LOL

    There's nothing wrong with wanting to be a librarian or a bookstore owner. Oh, I wrote about one of those. A very sexy bookstore owner. Sigh! Lots of learning in there. Lots of places to hide away... oh my!

    Thanks for stopping by the Grip


  17. Jill,

    That was my first reaction too. I simply can't honestly imagine not writing. I mean what would I do? How could I get up in the morning and not write something? All those ideas, where would they go?

    Hmmm being a mom is up there with masochist or Child Psychologist, I guess. LOL

    Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your ideas with us.


  18. Verb,

    I've seen some of your photography and you're much more than a snapper. Even if Jenna doesn't agree... LOL

    Thanks for coming by and sharing your take on the topic.


  19. Glenn,

    If you go for that singing career, let us know, we'll all stop by and toss things at you. *G*

    It's really difficult to think of doing something else. That's for sure.

    Thanks so much for stopping by.


  20. I swear we are twins born to different mothers. LOL
    I also was taught ball room dancing at an early age. My father's cousin who was just 10 years older than myself was a Fred Astaire dance teacher to work his way through colleg. He taught me to dance so I could partner him to show how it was done when he gave group lessons for clubs or schools etc. OMG I thought I'd died and gone to hell when I found out the man I loved had two left feet, didn't dance a step and was owned by the green eyed monster and I wasn't allowed to dance with anyone else. After 40 years I still miss it. But I'm still in love with the big jerk, so I guess I'm over it. I'm so glad you married Ron and that he doesn't dance so you turned to writing. Who would be entertaining my senses in the middle of the night?
    I'm so glad you write.

  21. Hey Jude

    (The Beatles catalog comes out tommorrow) I'm afraid I'm more like your husband. I don;t know how to dance, don;t even have the smallest hint of coordination. I wish I did. Not enough to get out there and get lessons. My wife is a dance lover so she has to sit it out. She's tried to teach me but I'm no good.


  22. Hey Garce,

    Darn, it just doesn't have the same ring, ya know! LOL

    I guess we all have our gifts and our handicaps. I do think we all need to keep doing the things we love, no matter if our sig others want to or not. Ron has his camera, and he's amazing with it. I rarely take pics, they just don't come out right. LOL I just nudge him to go do it for me. hehehe!

    Thanks so much for sharing a bit of yourself here.



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