Monday, September 21, 2009

Love the One You're With

By Jenna Byrnes

One negative aspect of writing erotic short stories can be the lack of time for a relationship to blossom. When an author is working within word limit constrictions, it's harder to get to the steamy stuff fast. Readers (and publishers) want sex in their erotic romances. If the characters don't know each other, they come across looking like horndogs when they hop into bed on page three.

Jude Mason and I have addressed this in many of our co-authored works by having the characters in already established relationships. But sometimes, the story calls for a new romance. And it's not always feasible for the sex to happen right off the bat.

One way to get the spice in there early is to throw in a little self-loving. This adds heat, and at the same time, gives the hero/heroine a chance to fantasize about someone they've just met or perhaps only caught a glimpse of.


Denise lay back on the bed and pulled her thick plastic vibrator from the nightstand. She turned it on and the soft hum made her smile. It had been just the two of them for so long now, the next time she was with a man he might have to hum like a vibrator to get her off. She chuckled and spread her legs, slowly inserting her plastic friend as deeply as possible. “Oh yeah,” she moaned, using one hand to thrust the fake cock in and out, and the other hand to massage her breasts and pinch her nipples. She thought once again of the man outside, and envisioned him rising over her.

His cock filled her completely, deliciously, and he pounded her until she couldn't take any more.

“Now!” he grunted out the command and she came explosively, feeling his heat pour into her in waves.

“Yes.” She held on until their simultaneous shuddering had stopped.

“Rest now.” He kissed the side of her face gently. “There are so many more things I’m going to do to you. Relax, and get your energy built back up…”

Denise withdrew the vibrator and turned it off. Her pussy had that pleasant “used and abused” feeling to it, but she still wasn’t satisfied. She wanted more, and she knew who she wanted to give it to her.


When I was looking for excerpts for this blog post, I discovered something interesting. Every masturbation scene I've written has the main character fantasizing about being with someone else. Not one of them was happy to be in the moment, loving the one they were with, so to speak.

I guess this makes sense given the genre. Perhaps an erotica anthology about 'self-love' might celebrate the act, but in erotic romance, apparently it takes two...or tango. Enlightening!


  1. Hello, Jenna,

    I think that almost everyone fantasizes when they masturbate. Certainly all my characters do. Even the men.

    I have a long masturbation scene in Exposure where Stella is thinking about Jimmy, imagining what he might do to her. Ruby's Rules contains several scenes of self-loving, each one driven by images of another person being present.

    The point of fantasy is to perhaps introduce a bit of unpredictability into the experience. After all, if you're completely in charge, well, it's a bit boring isn't it? No build up. No sudden surprises. No veering off into taboo territory. Fantasy allows another individual to seem to take control.


  2. I've certainly used this technique. I think you're exactly right, it gives us a chance to express that yearning with bringing the characters together yet. My story "Turning Cards" had a scene exactly like that. She was very turned on by him, but wasn't sure yet how interested he was.

    It would be interesting to come up with a group of stories that portrayed self-love as a satisfying experience. A challenge!

  3. Good points, Lisabet. I guess it's largely about the fantasy, isn't it?

    Thanks for commenting,


  4. Hi Margery,

    I think we all have, or might have to at some point, when writing shorter works.

    I do think that anthology idea has promise! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by,


  5. Interesting post. Yes, masturbation in order to get a little sex play into a book is a really good way to encourage both characters who don't know each other, as well as those who do, to get moving. LOL I've used it, as many of you know. It's going to be fun writing on the topic.

    Great post Jenna!


  6. LOL Jude,

    Can't wait to get your take on this!

    ~ Jenna

  7. Hi Jenna,

    Great post, and an interesting discovery in some respects regarding your characters' fantasies. However, if you're including these scenes of self-love as segues into hero and heroine getting squishy, it makes sense that the solo scenes would include a strong element of anticipation/build-up.



  8. I've seen this before, but never actually written it into one of my stories. Of course, I write so many. HAHAHAHA Yeah, not many anymore. LOL But it certainly makes sense to have the hero/heroine fantasizing about each other before the final act. Isn't that what we do in real life? (grin) Okay, perhaps I should speak for myself. LOL


  9. Hi Ash,

    Yes, in retrospect my post today is merely stating the obvious. I just hadn't thought about it much, LOL

    Thanks for commenting!


  10. Hi Marci,

    Pretty sure you're not the only one who fantasizes in real life, LOL

    What do you mean you don't write much anymore, slacker? Being a publisher and raising a family shouldn't take that much time!

    *G* Kidding. You amaze me, and thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment on my little post!


  11. Jenna, interesting idea, using masturbation as a way to raise the sexual temperature before throwing two characters into bed with each other. But I wonder if it always works, or if sometimes it makes the characters seem like individual horn dogs, rather than two people taking time to build a relationship.

    I like the idea, but I think you should give yourself more credit as a writer. It's not the technique, it's the way YOU handle it that makes it work. And I could say the same about the act of masturbation itself. ;)

  12. Good points, Helen. I'll keep that in mind and make sure my characters don't come across as individual horn dogs...LOL

    And you're right, technique is everything!

    ~ Jenna


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