Saturday, December 30, 2017

Once Again...

...I got nuthin'.

Well, not absolutely nuthin'. I'm still reading, of course. But I've been grazing so much lately that nothing has really stuck to the point I'd write a blog about it.

I picked up some freebie erotica from a new author, just to remind myself that quick smut can be fun to read. It doesn't have to be analysed or studied, it can just be visual and emotional popcorn. I need to write some more of that.

I grabbed an erotic romance featuring a cowboy and an older woman. This book I snaffled from my local library and have delved a few dozen pages into it. I like it so far, and it's a reminder—as if I needed it!—that women (in reading as well as in everyday life) are just as happy as men to get straight down to mentally undressing people they find attractive. And fantasising about more than that. And perhaps gettin' jiggy with it at the drop of a cowboy hat.

I'm still reading a book I wrote about in a previous What Are You Reading blog. It's not that it's been a difficult one to read, at all. I just haven't allowed enough time for reading.

And lastly, I picked up a book on effective story outlining...which I've barely read any of yet! The prose so far has been a little waffling, but I'm hoping the exercises within it will prove effective.

So that's all I got. Catch y'all next time around!


  1. We just had a thread over on ERWA "Writers" about outlining or not. Here are three articles that vote NOT:

    Seems most of the the ERWA folks don't outline.

    1. I'll have to check them out now I'm home again. My issue with NOT outlining is that it's pretty much how I've worked all the way through. My lack of stunning success indicates that perhaps trying a different tack might yield stronger results! So I shall see what's what as I go.

  2. Hi, Willsin,

    If you want to read some fun smut, I can send you a copy of Hot Brides in Vegas. I've been discovering that this sort of light stroke material is a lot of fun to write.

    1. I've been indulging myself in writing short, fun smut lately, too. I'd be more than happy to read Hot Brides! More smut is always good smut, especially from a mind such as yours, milady.


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