Friday, June 11, 2010

Poetry, thy name is …

Like Lisabet, I wrote my first poem early in life, around third grade, but I started pouring them out in high school. Angst ridden. Pain laced. Dream filled. Emotions that I couldn't process and handle, I poured into my writing.

Now adays, I don't actually dabble in poetry that often. Mostly, I write poetry that is fairly sensual or erotic in nature. But it has been a while ...

By Michelle Houston

To want,
To need,
To crave,
To yearn.

Wanting to feel his body over yours,
under yours, sliding deep within, filling you.
To want is to need.

Needing his soft touch against your skin,
his hands gripping your hips
as he pulls you against him,
his hips pumping into you with his need.
To need is to crave.

Craving his body, his passion, his lust.
Craving the heat of his essence flowing into you.
To crave is to yearn.

Yearning for strong arms to hold you.
Yearning for his strength,
his dominance,
his submission.
To yearn is to desire.

I have found that there are good poets, incredible poets, those that may want to write them but really shouldn't, and those that can string together the works but won't really reach greatness. I fall into that later category. I will never be in the running for any poetry awards, I can tell you that much.
But I have had some good comments about my efforts.

As Ashley mentioned, haikus are fun to write, and most of what I have done lately fall into that category. I love writing them, mainly because of the challenge of playing with syllables and rearranging words to craft an image.

by Michelle Houston

The mountains, valleys

And serene, soothing river

I go exploring

I have often wished that I wrote better poetry, but it just isn't something I have an instinctive knack for. So I have to enjoy it when the rare moment happens that a poem does come to me.

Out of all my publications, I do have one collection of erotic poetry and flash fiction called Erotic Moments, which is available from Renaissance E Books. The poems above are from that collection.


  1. Michelle - at least you try! And what better way to ride out the peaks and valleys of teen years than by creating art?

  2. Hi Michelle,

    I enjoyed your poetry.

    I don't think many people appreciate how much hard work can go into a poem. There's never been an element of writing that is better described by that old line: 1% inspiration / 99% perspiration.

  3. Michelle;

    Actually, I really like that poem you wrote. It was very sensual. I hope there's more where that came from.


  4. Kathleen -- Certainly it helped me. And I am already encouraging my daughter (who is twelve) to use writing as a source of finding herself and working things out in her own head.

  5. Ashley -- Definitly. I know a lot of people who think that writing, regardless of form and genre, is simply a matter of sitting down, taking out a pen and paper, and it just happening.

  6. Garce -- *blush* Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm glad that you liked it.


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