Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sexually Flexible Men

There are many types of different men, that I drool/get rabies/make an idiot out of myself over. Short men, fat men, thin men, muscular men, men in sweater-vests, men outside of sweater-vests. Men who are part alien or all robot or soul-sucking vampires from the planet Blargon 6. You name it, I've crushed on it.

But I reserve a special place in my heart, for sexually flexible men.

You know what I'm talking about, ladies. That mythical beast who when asked casually in the middle of a threesome if he'd like to snog the other guy, says something like- uh, sure. Okay. I'll give anything a go, once. The kind of guy who finds himself kind of watching gay porn, and not really turning it off.

And of course I know he likely doesn't exist apart from inside my fevered imagination and in the pages of some of my stories, but a gal can dream, can't she? Perez Hilton isn't always right about everyone being gay and not bisexual no not ever don't you know there's no such a thing? Bisexuals are just kidding themselves!

I don't believe bisexuals are just kidding themselves. And I also believe in sexually flexible men. In fact, I think I'm pretty good at spotting them, too. I mean, come on. This guy has got to be into a little mutual masturbation with a similarly hot and kind of too-into-it friend:

And if this guy doesn't occasionally like disappearing into some bushes for a forage, with some dude he's "just" "friends" with, I'll eat my hat:

It's just a fact. Some guys like it both ways, and I like to think about it and write about it- in fact, much like Lisabet I feel a kind of safety in writing about sexual flexibility and tentative forays into experimentation, because I'm not trampling too much all over a culture that I can only ever know a little bit about.

I understand sexual flexibility. I can relate to that feeling of "oh, uh, maybe, okay then". And therefore I feel qualified to represent it.

Or at the very least, I feel as qualified as I'm ever likely to. Which as usual, isn't very qualified at all.


  1. Mmmm, flexible men. There are lots of them. I just wish they were more open about it.

  2. That's for damned sure—Charlotte crushes more often and more rabidly than any woman I've ever met. And I haven't even actually met her.

  3. Kathleen- My thoughts exactly. But after crushing on many possibly gay/possibly bi men, I've come to the conclusion that there's even more terror for a famous guy in coming out as bisexual, than there is for coming out as gay. All of which is just very depressing, on many, many levels.

    Cara- But you love me for it, right? Secretly you want to kiss eleventy hundred posters of hot dudes, every night- don't you?

  4. Amen, Charlotte!

    It's seriously too bad that guys give other guys such grief about possibly being "gay". It's like, if you even think about touching another man in a sexual way, you're a sissy pouf fairy who doesn't deserve to be considered human and certainly should be ridiculed and ostracized, if not beaten to a pulp.

    I can only conclude that men (the generalization unsupported by data) are very insecure about their "masculinity". I love a man who is mature and confident enough to say, "Hey, sure, I'll give it a try! Why not?"

    Great post. Now I have to think about an "unconventional crush" for your topic next week!


  5. Hi Charlotte,

    Do you want men who are flexibile or rigid? Is it possible to have both?

    I think the points made in response are spot on. Guys are (often) quick to call another guy gay as an insult for the slightest perceived step away from erstwhile masculine pursuits.

    Right now I'm being perceived as being gay because I have no interest in the football.

    I'm just not flexibile enough to enjoy watching sports :-)



  6. The risk of ridicule and rejection by one's casual friends/fellow employees/and or spouse is enough to give most men pause about giving it a whirl...perhaps its generational but I would be very comfy in finding like minded person(s) with discrestion for care-free frolicking.

  7. Lisabet- exactly! It's so sad that when most dudes get even a little bit outside the box, they meet nothing but ridicule and daft "sissy" nonsense. Here's to more men who fight the power and don't give a damn!

    Ashley- that makes me think of Graeme La Saux, the footballer who was mercilessly teased by his teammates because he liked opera, and poetry. I mean, that's how tight the box is. Guys can't even like opera. Depressing. So you keep on being as flexible or rigid or whatever else it is you are, all you want!

    Paul- ah, the word frolic. Music to my ears.


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