Friday, January 28, 2011

Practically perfect

As Mike said yesterday, "Flaws are what make us human". And I have to secretly admit, at least in my eyes, flaws are what make us love!

I used to love watching Mary Poppins as a kid (ok, I still wait it now and again - because I love musicals), but what also gave me pause is her Practically Perfect in Every Way bit. Sure, she was fun and had a good time with the kids, but looking at it through adult eyes, how much fun could she have really been for poor Bert?

They have a fight, and she is always right! They do something together, and her's is always done perfectly.

Now that I have started to really explore modern novels, sometimes to the tune of 10-20 a month, I am starting to also find my prefered characters. And guess what? They all have flaws. Sometimes, some very serious ones at that. Normally, their flawed are emotional, pychological, etc.

I am not one for the story-book tale where the rich character sweeps the heroine off of her feet to atone for a mistake, oftentimes made because he flew off of the handle and complete tore into someone he supposedly loves, simply because he couldn't handle admitting to himself that he does love her. Nope, not talking those kinds of flaws.

I am talking tortured heros/heroines. Characters that have truly lived - have been flawed by their lives - and the hell it brings to their current realtionships.

Most recent example - Barrons from the Fever series by K M Moning. I LOVE that guy! Not so much on Mac, but I want me a Barrons! He has a secret, a very big one, they he has to keep. No matter what - and it leads to some serious issues in his relationship, because he kind of lacks good interpersonal skills. Seriously lacks them.

Then there is J R Ward's Brotherhood. They are so perfectly flawed it hurts. And I love then all! Each has their own issues ... and fights falling in love, but when they do, look out!

One book that I am so eagerly waiting on it is about to kill me is Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh. (Hawke's story for those that know the Psy/Changeling series). He has some SERIOUS issues that will need to be addressed. In fact, all of the characters in that series do - especially the Psy. In their bit for perfection, for something called silent, they created flaws in their own psyche. Oh yeah, I gobble that stuff up!

I love the alpha heros who just have to take charge, but can't because their woman are not pushovers, and they have to learn to control their impulse to protect to the point of locking their woman away. For example, another Nalini Singh series - her Archangel's. In the three core books, the Archangel Raphael love warrier women, is drawn to them, and his beloved is/was a mortal woman who hunted vampires. Serious personality conflicts as he pushed to protect, and she pushed to live her life true to herself.

I say give me the flaws! It makes the love that builds that much sweeter. Especially in real life ... we are able to love, despite the flaws, because there are flaws. Who really wants perfection?


  1. I couldn't agree more. I like characters with character, and flaws build character...

  2. The best characters are the ones you want to shake and say, "Wake up! Don't be so blind!" The ones that intrigue and exasperate you!


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