Friday, March 12, 2010

Mundane turn left here - Exciting turn right at the next light

I am a fairly mundane creature. Truly, I am.

Sure, I am bisexual.

I moved out at 17, had my daughter at 18 and married at 19. (She got the help cut the cake at our wedding). Long story behind all that – short version, we were planning a wedding, found out we were pregnant and decided to hold off a year, so that in case something happened, she would never feel we married because of her.

Then there is the chance that my daughter was conceived in a cemetery. Another long story … not going to shorten that one at this time.

I am also a non-traditional student, working on a bachelor's degree in my 30's. (I started in the late 20's).

I am a science minded person who indulges occasional flights of naughty, and fairly racy, fantasy, i.e. I write erotica.

I got naked in a hot-tub once with two straight guys, another bi girl, and a gay man. But that's about as fair as my adventurous streak has taken me.

I've never been to a swinger's club. I've never done a strip-tease. I've never tried spanking. I've never been in a threesome. I know that bondage isn't my thing, and if I ever even hinted at strapping my husband he would run for the hills. I've never had more than a fling with another woman.

The list of things that I haven't done could fill countless tomes … but in my mind I have done it all. : ) And then some …

I've visited other planets.

I've taken dictation very well from my not so straight-laced boss.

I've gone down on another woman in front of an audience, and fingered another woman on a crowded dance floor.

I've whipped a male vampire and licked his blood from his flesh.

I've done threesomes, and more.

I been very, very bad … and it felt so very, very good.

In short, I am a perfectly ordinary, bordering on mundane women, with a kinky as hell muse. I wear jeans and a T-shirt to write in while she flounces about in see-through lingerie or a really nice leather bustier and thigh high boots. Sometimes, I think she gets the better end of the deal.


  1. Maybe that's why we write erotica, so we can try out safely the things we wish we could do. Good post!


  2. Michelle,

    I'm still trying to get my head round the idea that being a mature student is not mainstream. You do it. I do it. I just figured everyone does it :-)

    Great post.


  3. I'm beginning to think the mainstream is an illusion, and we're all just pretending.

    But after reading your post, Michelle, I think we should never confuse mainstream with boring!

  4. Garce - Certainly my characters get off on racy acts that I would never have the balls to try.

    Ash - My husband is a few years older than me, and he is also a college student. He went out with some friends from class one night, all girls (I had to get up early for work the next day and couldn't go) and another guy at the club had to give him props for "landing such a young chick", ie one of our really good friends. That gave him some issues, since he is almost old enough to have fathered her, had he started early. I think I am doing better with being slightly (ok, so a decade) older than my classmates. But I tend ot get the pick of study partners since they know I am not a party animal and that I actually study when I sit down to do so. LOL

    Kathleen - Thanks hon. : ) I've often said I am the least adventurous person here, but at least I have an active imagination to make up for it. LOL

  5. Hello, Michelle,

    Imagination is what counts. Thanks for a great post!

    (I'd like to meet your muse...!)



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