Monday, March 15, 2010

Confessions of an average housewife

Sounds like the heading on a supermarket rag. Here are a few of my confessions:

1. I've never had m/m sex.

So many of the things I've written about? No actual experience involved, which is probably a given since I am, in fact, a woman. All my published work to date is m/m (I have some m/f and menage stories contracted for later this year, but the meat of my work is gay), and the single question I'm asked the most often is:

How can you write about gay sex?

This is meant one of two ways: the homophobic way, and the interested way. To the interested way, I've boiled down my answer to: imagination, after all, it is fiction. I'm not writing a how-to-guide or a memoir.

The homophobic form of the question doesn't deserve an answer.

2. Like Lisabet, I wish I could actually see m/m sex in the flesh.

One of my fondest fantasies. Does that make me a fag hag I wonder? No, I don't think so. But for some reason, it's a compelling thought.

3. Experiences I've had have found their way into my books.

Aha! you say. She just said it was imagination! Well, yes, some of it. Obviously I've never stuck a penis into someone else. But...

(My relatives and innocents, please leave the room)

I have given head. Many times. To many different people. I've been penetrated anally and have done the penetrating with my fingers. Yes, I have found the mysterious prostate.


I just finished a short story, which will be coming out in May, in which I have a hero who sleepwalks naked and climbs into bed with his neighbor. Not to give anything away, but this is entirely based on my own experiences sleepwalking. I didn't have him do anything under the influence of his subconscious that I hadn't done myself. Even so, I bet there'll be someone who claims, oh that could never happen. I beg to differ! And I have witnesses. :)


There's a line from a country song (I'm sure I could Google it, but I'm pressed for time), that goes something like this:

"I ain't the woman in red, I ain't the girl next door.
But if somewhere in the middle's what you're looking for,
well, I'm THAT kind of girl."

And that sums me up perfectly.


  1. Hi,Devon,

    Fabulous post! Especially the part about sleepwalking!

    I don't have any trouble writing M/M sex. Sometimes I wonder why it's as easy as it is. But I sure would love to have some experience (albeit vicarious) in that area.

    Maybe the two of us should get together and try to organize something of the sort...!


  2. Devon,

    You do know we're all going to be clamouring for the sleepwalking title as soon as it's released, don't you?

    Great post,


  3. I also write m/m, and one of the reasons I find it so easy is that it's unlikely anyone's going to think I'm writing about myself. I realize that may sound totally neurotic :) but I was always terribly embarrassed and uncomfortable writing m/f sex scenes. Changing it to m/m was not only freeing but fun!

  4. Great post Devon! So, you've found the mysterious prostate? From the reading I've done, that thing can move around, disappear completely and then return, and can sometimes be reached by a particularly skilled tongue. It must be magical! LOL! (I can't remember the title of the story or the author who had the tongue/prostate scene, but she obviously hadn't done the type of research you've done!)

  5. Damn. I wish I had a neighbor like you.


  6. Great post! It makes me wonder what all those other "women in the middle" are thinking about.

  7. The sleepwalking thing is killing me. I'm still trying to visualize getting up, navigating through the house, opening the door, walking outside and over to the neighbor's, opening his door (which is unlocked! Where do you live?) and crawling into bed with him.

    Mmm, very cool. I'd do it--and claim to be unconscious the whole time...

    Cool post!


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