Friday, July 23, 2010

Come Sail Away ...

Hum. I have debated just what to write about on this topic. I just don't travel much. Other than a few trips to Florida, the one to New Orleans, and a couple back and forth between Kentucky and Missouri.

And on all but a few of those trips, my daughter has shared the room with us.

So travel sex just doesn't happen. LOL With very few exceptions, ie when our daughter is with someone else.

Now, there was a funniness to my trip to Belize. Hubby took the class with me, and so he went to Belize with me. Along with two dozen of our classmates.

We stayed in the same room together, alone for most of the time (the last two nights one of the girls crashed with us due to space issues). Yet we didn't have sex. Why you might ask? Well ... no air conditioning. The windows all had to be open, and all the rooms were in a U shape around a pool, so there was zero privacy. Plus, um, bunk beds. Yeah. Too short bunk beds. Too narrow bunk beds.

We could have gone down to the beach ... but mosquitoes were a major issue. Plus, well, tourists. And the sand. I just didn't want to get sand in delicate locations.

We were razzed mercilessly by a couple of the guys too. The last day we were there, they tried to get my tipsy so hubby could get him some in Belize. Needless to say, it didn't happen.

Had we been in one of the three rooms under the main building, that were windowless and thus had to have air conditioning, maybe it would have happened. As it was ... nope.

Now we did go on vacation just a few weeks ago, and I rented a hotel room with a jacuzzi tub and a king sized bed. There was even a mirror on the ceiling. *wink wink* But since where we stayed was just two hours down the road, that's doesn't really count as travel sex, now does it ...


  1. Michelle -kids grow up. You have something to look forward to. Until then, I agree - the only sex on the beach anyone should have is the drink.

  2. Michelle,

    In my opinion, if it's a hotel, it counts as travel sex. Even if the hotel is next door to your own house - you still had to travel to get there.



  3. Hey Michelle,

    I agree with Ash. If you're not in your own bed, you're traveling.

    I do know what you're talking about, though. Even the most exotic places don't always lend themselves to comfortable coupling. I remember one night we spent in Dubrovnik, in a sort of bed and breakfast, in a room that was literally the size of a closet, with a single narrow bed... Fortunately a more commodious room became available the next day--much to our relief!


  4. Kathleen -- LOL Definitly! That's a gooooodddddd drink too. : ) Sand is just not sexy.

    Ash -- I have actually looked into a "themed" hotel up in the city. They have some really nice suites, with the room decorated in various themes, and each room that I would want has a jacuzzi. But man, they are expensive. $150+ a nice! Now I'm just a poop college student. That's a hefty chunk of change. But I do so want to go at least for one night some time. It looks like so much fun.

    Lisabet -- Yeah. We have agreed that if we ever go back to Belize, we will probably stay at the same place for at least a few nights, and we will definitly have it conditional on getting one fo the air conditioned rooms away from the main complex.


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