Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flying Over A Canyon On A Donkey

I'll be honest. I don't even know what character dynamics are. Is it when characters do something dynamic, like jumping off a cliff on a skateboard, or riding a shark to Brazil? Is it when characters interact with each other in a dynamic fashion?

Because my characters almost never ride a shark to Brazil, or interact together in a dynamic fashion. Take the scene I wrote last night, for example. My characters sat on a couch, trying not to watch steamy movies together because it felt kind of like watching a steamy movie with your Gran (the heroine is scared of wanting sex with the hero, cos he's a cat-person), so the heroine puts on a horror movie. Which scares the bejesus out of the hero, because he's hardly watched TV in ten years.

So I guess my hero isn't very dynamic. But I think there's some sort of dynamic going on in all of that. I think. Maybe. Is the dynamic that they really want to have sex, but are afraid of things? I dunno.

Because I think I'm kind of like Lisabet- I don't really plan these things out. My characters just kind of say stuff to me, and then they do things, and then I get worried about whether or not my hero is far too wet, because the movie Aliens scared him so much he had to hide under the heroine's butt.

But then, that's who he is. I can't imagine him being any other way. If he watches a horror movie, he gets scared. And though my heroine doesn't want to, she finds this behaviour very appealing in some way she can't fathom.

Maybe because I can't fathom it either. It just happens, okay? I've no idea why. I'd ask my brain, but it's too busy checking out Evan Lysacek's ass.


  1. Charlotte - So you're saying your werekitty is a fraidy cat?

  2. Hi Charlotte;

    I don;t plan my characters that much either I guess, dynamics is something like a flower bud that hasn't opened in the first couple of drafts. Then during rewrites it comes out, so I think rewriting is the key. This is not an easy subject to approach.


  3. Charlotte,

    I just googled Evan Lysacek. That's one dynamic ass you were checking out ;-)


  4. Kathleen- hee hee! He totally is! Only his almighty horniness outweighs his fraidey-catness.

    Garceus- yeah, totally. I think it's something you just have to let happen, and then in rewrites and edits, find out if it's really working and make it if it's not.

    Ashley- his ass is just...beyond words. It's like two firm peaches trapped in a plastic bag. It's like...I don't even know. I don't even usually like asses all that much, but his...oh. POEMS.

  5. Poems about asses... maybe we have a new topic here. Or maybe just asses...

    Charlotte, your characters have "dynamics" whether you like it or now. In "The Return", the main thing that clues the narrator that this is not her husband is the fact that the dynamics are different than what she is used to.


  6. Lisabet- Did you just totally analyse my work? That's the most awesome thing that's ever happened to me. Am actual proper writer, with dynamics in things and things! Thank you so much!


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