Friday, July 2, 2010

It's just a little crush ...

I'm embarrassed to admit ...

My first unconventional crush was on David Bowie.

Yep, that's right, I fell for the spiked hair, the slightly off voice, and the clothing of his character in Labyrinth.

What the hell was I thinking!

It helps that I love his characters name – Jareth. Oh man, I love that name.

And I still have a thing for the spiky hair. LOL He does still have his moments too. He pulled off Tesla very well in The Prestige.

But the crush that I have going now, and the one I want to focus on is for the pair of actors Michael Shanks and Ben Browder. At this moment, most of you might be going "Who?"

Here's their IMDB pages for a quick reference: Ben Browder ~ Michael Shanks

Go ahead, I can wait …

Back with me now?

Good …

I first fell for Ben Browder thanks to hubby's love of Farscape. I saw him in those black leather-like pants, and I was hooked. All I can say is Oh My God!

Then we started watching Stargate SG-1 and I found Michael Shanks. Yeah … hot stuff there! (The best moment though was his bit part on Andromeda where he wore a sexy pair of black leathers. Seeing a pattern?)

When Ben Browder joined the Stargate SG-1 cast, and I got to see both guys together each week, I reached crush heaven!

True, they aren't classic gods of the film, but damn! They are hot, especially when Michael Shanks' character wore his wire-rim glasses and started in on the geek speak, with a faint quirky smile. Ben Browder's character was a perfect foil for him, with his down to earth ways, and easy smile and charm.

Hubby has teased me since day one about my fantasies of these two guys. Given what I write, I have no problem what so ever coming up with some interesting scenarios. *wiggles eyebrows* Oh la la!

(Both Browder and Shanks above are in pictures from a Stargate photo shoot).

(Not sure if this is a mock image or not, but hey, I like to think this is legit and truly happen at one of the Stargate cons. Although, I am not sure why Ben would have planted one on Michael, but who cares. It made my day! )
Sadly, both guys are married, although they are both on my "allowed celebrity list". You know the one I am talking about ... the one you work out with your sig other, each person getting 5, or whatever celebs that if they ever ran into them and the opportunity for a hot night (or day) of crazy, sweaty, monkey sex comes around, they there is no question you would jump on it with no regrets and no recriminations afterwards. Yep - top two on my list!

Then you add in Claudia Black, who first stared in Farscape with Browder, and beat him to joining the Stargate cast, and you have a very sexy threesome that feature in my imagination. (IMDB page for her - although you might remember her from Pitch Black).
Black has a different quality to her voice, kind of deep and husky, and while she's not classically beautiful, she had a powerful presence.

Yeah … that's my current crush list. : ) Fairly unconventional, but hey, that's just the odd kind of girl that I am. I go for geeky, sexy men and strong, sexy women.

As for the others on my "Allowed list" ...

Well, there's Peter Wingfield (Methos from Highlander) and Peter Woodward (Galen from Babylon 5: Crusade). But I guess that's a whole 'nother blog post.


  1. Ooh, Michelle!

    I don't watch TV, so almost all these people are new to me.

    I do so like Claudia Black... but the other guys can come along too!


  2. Michelle - you have excellent taste. Even with David Bowie. But Farscape? Oooh yeah.

  3. Hi Michelle,

    Claudia Black strikes me as being very similar in looks to the unconventionally attractive Jaime Murray (

    Great post.


  4. Lisabet -- LOL Yeah, she's got a voice that is just so different that it's hot as hell. ; )

    And when the guys get to rubbing each other in episodes, I alternatly laugh and smile in lustful delight.

  5. Kathleen -- I admit, at first, I wasn't much on Farscape. Almost dreaded watching it, except for Browder. Then they made the Peacekeeper Wars, and holy hell! I was hooked. Fan-frickin-tastic!

    When they released the box set not too long ago, I had to get hubby a copy. We just finished watching it not too long ago with our twelve year old daughter, and she loves it.

    Then we watched Firefly/Serenity. Now we have moved on to Highlander.

  6. Ash -- Kinda I guess. I saw her in the Dexter episodes. Black's voice is a lot deeper and more raspy, and she can pull of tough bitch really, really well.

  7. But! But! Everybody loves David Bowie, don't they?! Or if they don't, I want to know why :D.

  8. Justine -- I'll let you in on a little secret. My heart still races a little when the scene towards the end of Labrynth comes on, and he is in the white outfit and turns into an owl.

    : ) But Shhh! don't tell anyone.

  9. Michelle, your crushes are excellent. Sublime. And you're right- Jareth is SUCH an orsum name.

    And Bowie is so hot, that even when Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords is playing him, it's still hot.

  10. Why thank you Charlotte. : ) They certainly work for me. LOL


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