Saturday, July 24, 2010

What do you think...?

Hello reader,

It's Ashley again. I hope you're not disappointed. But, in the absence of a special guest this week, I wanted to make you the special guest. I also wanted to ask what you thought about sex and travel.

So far this week we've had Lisabet relate some saucy suggestions about the happiest of worldwide happy travelling. Kathleen has admitted she has a soft spot for Italy, and Charlotte has taken us out of this world into the realms of fantasy. Garce has guided us on a first class flight with an erotica author and an enthusiastic reader, whilst Michelle has taken us to Belize and then onto a hotel with mirrored ceilings. Personally, I alluded to vampires in Paris.

But where would you go, reader? And what would make it saucy?

Leave your comments below and let's hear which boxes you want ticking the next time you visit the travel agents.



  1. Everyone is being shy, Ash.

    Sage Vivant used to run Custom Erotica Source. She said that the requests were overwhelmingly for tropical settings. I wonder what setting people like for their sexual fantasies? A palace during the Restoration period in England? China during the Han Dynasty? Fiji right now? (I'd love to know if anyone ever gets turned on by the idea of pilgrims in New England)

  2. I suspect most of our readers are off having good travel sex, rather than writing about it.

    Restoration period England sounds like fun. I can imagine myself squeezing into a monk's hole (it's not as rude as it sounds). Or was that the reformation?

    Personally I'd love to fly back to Victorian England, where all that prudishness and propriety was veneered over a hotbed of passion.


  3. My nod for sexiest destinations would have to go to the mountains.

    A lovely cabin nestled away from it all, smell of pine and sex and the taste of a good wine. Simple things taste and smell sublime in the crisp, high mountain air.

    Don't get me wrong, a view overlooking the Pacific Ocean, sun setting and the sound of the surf can excite the senses. A nice Gasthaus in Bavaria with eight-pane-window that has the old glass that refracts the light like a prism, smell of fest chicken slow roasting in the square below.

    But my favorite destinations involve space and solitude.

    I guess the thing that is wonderful about sex and travel is "getting away." We can explore parts of ourselves and each other that get locked away when we're mired down in our day to day lives.

  4. Craig,

    I can relate to mountains. What better place to reach new heights?

    You're absolutely right about that 'getting away' aspect. Any break from the mundane can only be a blessing.

    Thanks for responding.



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