Friday, July 30, 2010

Who would I squeeee at meeting?

I, like several of my fellow Grippers, am not a fannish sport of person. Yes, there are people I would really enjoy meeting, and talking with. But I am not obsessed.

I can easily say that much. I do not follow the exploits of those I want to meet on the internet, tracking them in the rag mags, or on Entertainment tv. I don't facebook my undying adoration HOURLY (I actually have a classmate that has a thing for Dempsey racing, and when it is race season, heaven help all of us she is "friends" with). I could care less if those I am fans of are wearing ratty old jeans when grocery shopping, or if they just sent the jet to New York to pick up their favorite flavor of coffee. Although, I might wonder about them if I heard that last part.

I am just not that interested. I just don't care that much. Sorry.

That said, I should also make known neither is my family. We are just not fannish people. LOL

The closest my daughter would come is if she were to meet Dr. Zahi Hawass. I could see some fainting going on there. Maybe some tongue-tied on my husband's part too. Who is Dr. Hawass? Watch pretty much any quality show on the restoration of Egyptian artifacts and monuments and you will know. For a kid who dreams of one day being an egyptologist, I can understand the appeal of meeting him.

As for myself, there are a couple of authors I would really LOVE to meet. They are as close to auto-buy's as I will ever have. I have been known to bully and nag the people at bookstores on street release day to actually get their stock from the damn backroom and PUT IT ON THE SHELVES! Shesh!

Chief among the authors would be Nalini Singh. I fell in love with her writing style with Slave to Sensation. Her Psy/Changeling world rocks! And now her Angel series is just adding a new element of the love I have for her books. I ever went and tracked down her old Harlequin releases, just to see if I could detect where her style started changing. But that is as far as the adoration goes.

So I would probably give a small giggle if I ever got to meet her, especially if we could talk shop, or if I could get some sneak peeks at what's coming up next.

But I am not going to cyber-stalk her, and travel halfway across the country to meet her and spend a whole 30 seconds at a table getting my books signed. Sorry ... I would rather be writing myself.


  1. Michelle - you just reminded me. I have a major crush on James Burke from Connections and The Day the Universe Changed. I'd love to be seated next to him at a dinner party. While I might mentally squee, I doubt an audible one would slip out though.

  2. Hi, Michelle,

    You know, your last comment makes me wonder whether people who tend to "squee" do so because they don't have anything else on their minds.

    But then, our Charlotte is by her own admission always on the edge of squee and that certainly doesn't apply to her. She turns her squees into stories.

    Never heard of Nalini Singh. I'll have to look her up!

    Write on!


  3. Kathleen -- Exactly! There are some people I would love to meet to pick their brains, get the scoops on things, or simply meet because that are doing wonderful things. But at the end of the day, their pants still come off the same, and they still have the same biological functions as I do. So really, I can't squee over them too much. LOL Now lust after, that is a whole different ball game. There are quite a few people I admit to lusting after. And who meeting in person would probably ruin many a good fantasy. : )

  4. Lisabet -- Indeed, you should look her works up. : ) Her books are addictive for me. I re-read them every so often, generally after the latest book comes out, and I always find something new.

    Most of them are also offered in ebook.

  5. Michelle,

    I take your point about not cyber-stalking. Or travelling halfway across the country to get a book signed.

    But I have to say, I've got a handful of signed books and it gives me a lot of pleasure to know that the person responsible for those titles has actually signed them. It's not exactly fannish squee. But it does make them kinda special.



  6. Ash -- Oh definitly. I have been known to take authors up on the offer of signed book plates. : )


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