Sunday, December 12, 2010

Festival of Lights

By Lisabet Sarai

"Did you remember to buy them, Leah?"

"The extra box of candles? Of course, what do you think? In thirty-six years of marriage, Abe, when have I ever disobeyed you?"

"Well, I seem to recall that just last week you 'forgot' to call the plumber like I told you to..."

"Come on, you know what I mean. I always obey you when you give me an order in that special tone of voice..."

"Like when I say, on your knees, slave?"


"On your knees, slave."

"Just let me finish these dishes, ok?"

"Leah, I want you on your knees. Don't make me tell you again."

"Yes, Master, alright. Here I am, soapy hands and all. Now what?"

"How about unzipping me and using those slippery fingers to make me hard?"

"Is that a suggestion or an order, Master?"

"Don't be cheeky, Leah, or you'll be sorry."

"Yes, Sir, whatever you say. How's this?"

"Mmm. Very nice. Yes, indeed... Oh, yes! All those years kneading the challah dough have given you such wonderfully strong fingers, Leah!"

"Thank you, Master. I love to please you."

"You do, my zaftig little slave, you do. But that's enough for now. Here, let me help you up. Now go get the candles and meet me in the bedroom. I'll expect to find you naked."

"Of course, Abe. I can hardly wait. Remember how difficult it used to be, when the kids were at home? The gag had practical as well as symbolic value back then! I was glad they could come to dinner tonight - wasn't the kugel good, though! - but I was happy to see them leave. So that we could be alone for our own little traditional celebration."

"Leah, if you don't be quiet and follow my instructions, I'll take up your suggestion about the gag."

"Sorry, Master. I..."


"Ok, ok. I'm going."


"That's right, slave. Spread your legs wide and put your arms over your head. There. Is that too tight?"

"No, Master."

"Can you move? Don't speak, just nod or shake your head. Wriggle around a bit for me. Yes, that looks good. I love the way your breasts bounce when you squirm and struggle. In fact, you look good enough to eat..."

"Oh, Master! Ooh...!"

"You're tastier than any kugel, Leah. My own private Chanukah dinner!"

"Oy, veysamir, Abe! Oh, your tongue, your mouth, I can't stand it...!

"Well, then, perhaps I should stop."

"No, no, don't stop!"

"I will do as I wish, slave. I am the Master here, do not forget that. Now, where are the matches?"

"Next to the candles, Sir."

"I think I'll blindfold you. That way, you won't know where the wax will fall next."

"Whatever you say, Sir."

"There you are. Can you see anything?"

"No, Sir."

"And the ropes are still comfortable? Good. I'll start with just one candle..."


"It hurts, doesn't it, Leah? Especially on such a sensitive part of your body. But the burning fades. The heat travels through you. You feel it here, between your legs, don't you? Hot and wet."

"Ooh... ouch!"

"Your thighs are so smooth, so white. You should see the purple drops of wax, solidifying on that creamy background. I think I need another candle, another color, for contrast. Here's a turquoise one. Let me use them together, here perhaps..."

"Oh, please, Master!"

"You like this? I'll just drizzle some more on your belly. It's rather like decorating a cake...!"

"Oh, oh, that hurts...!"

"But not as much as here, no? The molten colors flow together so nicely in the deep valley between your breasts...!"

"Oh, Sir, oh, please, I can't bear it...!"

"Nonsense, slave. You've taken much more pain than this. Paraffin melts at a very low temperature, compared to a smoldering cigarette, or a white-hot brand... You do remember your safe word, don't you?"

"Yes, Master."

"Tell me what it is. I know you're not ready to use it, but I want to make sure you remember, for later."


"Right. Good. Let me see. How about a red one? Red as your pussy lips, peeking out from your curls. Lovely."


"I must say, Leah, all evidence suggests that you are enjoying this."

"Mmm ... ow, that's not fair!"

"Fair? That's what this is about. Pleasure and pain. You don't know which to expect, do you? Pretty soon, you won't be able to tell them apart."


"Slave, you will address me respectfully, or not at all!"

"I'm sorry, Master."

"That's better. Now, the real problem here is that I don't have enough hands. I can't bathe you in molten wax and play with your pussy at the same time. Wait, I have an idea..."


"Be silent, slave. Be still. I'll be right back."

"Here we are. Recognize the jingle?"

"The clamps."

"Exactly. But tonight we'll use them as a mini-menorah."


"Hush. You know the way this works. First the bite, then the thrills radiating through you. There, those seem stable. Now I'll just stick a candle into the space between between the metal and your flesh - light them - and voila! Leah the candelabra! Fabulous! As the candles burn down, one of your nipples will be coated in green wax, the other in orange. Just imagine, Leah!"


"Yes, slave?"

"Perhaps you might also want to anchor one in my navel?"

"You kinky little slut! I thought that you couldn't bear the pain!"

"I'd do anything to please you, Master..."

"Hmmph. Well, I'll give it a try. Yes, that will do nicely. Now, you mustn't move around too much, or you'll spatter the wax all over you."

"Oh, that's... ow!"

"See what I mean? Writhing around that way will only make you sorry."

"Oh! Oh, Master! Ow, ooh, your fingers, the wax, I'm so confused!"

"I wish that you could see yourself, Leah. Your face is flushed. Your nipples are huge. Your skin is criss-crossed with multi-colored rivulets of paraffin. Meanwhile, there are rivulets of a different kind flowing out of your cunt."

"Uh, umm, argh...!"

"Don't thrash so, you'll only make it worse."

"I can't help it! Ah, ouch, Abe, you know it makes me crazy when you stick your finger into my behind..."

"How about two fingers, slave?"

"Aiee - ow - oh, God, God, I'm coming - oh, Master..."

"Or how about another candle, here...."



"God, Leah, I was afraid that you'd set the house on fire!"

"Well, it was your idea, Abe. Anyway, you told me yourself that Chanukah candles don't burn very hot."

"They were hot enough."

"Yes, I guess that's true. Here, come give me a kiss, Abe, and tell me that I've pleased you."

"You please me, Leah. Every day, but especially on holidays."

"Can I have a bit more wine?"

"Of course, dear. Here's to us, an old married couple just enjoying each other's company."

"Indeed. To us. L'chaim. To life."


Kinky holidays to all, from Lisabet!


  1. Hi Lisabet,

    somehow I don't think this version will make it on to TV over the holidays.

    I think it might be a good fit for the couples anthology that Rachel Kramer Bussel is putting together at the moment.

    Thanks for the smile

  2. My very first every Chanukah BDSM! Wow! You're breaking new ground with this one! Since I'm Jewish, I could not resist! Every other holiday story is Christmas. Very cute!

  3. Lisabet - This is going to be a fun topic, and you've kicked it off with style!

  4. hi Lisabet

    If only Christmas could be like this I'd start to like it. I had to look up the word "zaftig". Hey - you did it - a story entirely in dialogue. And it was great, i loved it. I could see everything. Very ... uh ...zaftig.


  5. Not a religion I know much about, but it's certainly an entertaining read!

  6. Hello, all,

    Thanks for your comments. Actually this story has already been pubbed on the web, so Rachel wouldn't be interested. Anyway, I plan on submitting something much more intense to that collection!

    "Zaftig" has always been one of my favorite Yiddish words (not that I speak Yiddish, but I had a Jewish grandma!) partly because it describes my figure - in a way that is favorable as opposed to disparaging.

    I think D.L.King has a Chanukah BDSM story. In fact it's M/M BDSM if I recall.

    Be naughty...!



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