Friday, December 24, 2010

Sneaking time under the mistletoe!

Good morning my fellow grippers, and a Merry Christmas Eve to you all.
Ok, so that is about all the holiday cheer you are going to get out of me. I am off to work in about 30 minutes, and since right now I work in retail, it will be a interesting time. Each year differs slightly. Tomorrow though .. yeah, tomorrow is the time for holiday goodness. : )
The topic this week is Holiday Sex, and yes, I am to blame for the struggle some of my fellow grippers had with it. All I can say is, oops!
I figured a topic called Holiday Sex would get everyone thinking back ...
I know when I think Holiday Sex, I think of the newlyweds who are staying at one of their parents house for the holidays, and even though they are all grown up, and married now, they still feel a quality of sneaking around as they lay in bed together, kising, caressing, hoping no one in the household knows what they are up to.
Or maybe, it's Thankgiving, and Uncle Bert is passed out in front of the TV and they are sitting on the couch, very carefully touching under clothing so if anyone looks in, or Bert should snore himself awake, no one will know.
Whatever the meal that is being cooked, there is always the delightful game of molest the cook, while his/her hands are busy prepping food, washing dishes, etc. You know what I am talking about ... sliding a hand under the apron and down the front of the pants, slowly stroking against flesh, teasing without plans to bring things to fruition. (Although, this is not exclusive to holidays)
There's always Valentine's Day ... but most people know a little bit of nooky is going on then, so there isn't much of a sneak factor.
But what about Easter. Sneaking into the kitchen after the kids have fallen asleep, and melting down one of the giant chocolate bunnies and hurrying back into the bedroom with the pan carefully held so as not to tdribble melted chocolate on the rug. The frenzied stripping, as the chocolate hurriedly cools. Then, the agony/pleasure as it is dribbled on bare skin, the slight sting since it still has some heat to it. And then the rapture, oh godness the intense pleasure, as it is licked off drip by drip.
Or my favorite - Earth Day. *smiles* Going hiking with the family and splitting off when you find a nice secluded overhang just deep enough to sneak under where you lay down on the moist ground and with all of nature watching you, you have a quickie, leaving your bra as a signpost of your time spent there.
Those are the paths my mental wanderings take when I think Holiday Sex.


  1. I'm fond of "molest the cook."
    (Maurice Chevalier voice) Ho, ho, ho, he is defenseless!

  2. LOL If only hubby could cook. : ) Alas, I am always the one molested.


  3. Alas? You don't enjoy the molestation?

    Anyway, you could play "molest the guy mowing the lawn". Or "molest the football watcher"...

    Fun post, Michelle!


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