Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Grippers of the Past!

This post is going to be a departure from our normal guest spot. Some of the past OGAG Alumni are sharing their Holiday Cheer. : )
I have posted what has come in so far, and if other emails come my way today, I will amend the post to reflect them.
Happy Holidays to all of our readers!!!

Oh, it’s so cool to be back here at the Grip. *Waves at everyone* When Michelle asked if I’d like to say hi, how could I refuse? I miss the place, the struggle to get something intelligent out every week, the stress of finding a guest to send something and the pleasure of reading everyone else’s take on the weeks topic. Sigh, yeah, it was awesome fun. Seeing the new faces has also been a plus. New blood, new ideas, new kinks!! What fun. Course you all know I want to take this chance to not only wish you and your families the most amazing season’s greetings, but to also promote a little something, right? Yup! Fraid it’s nothing Christmassy. I seem to have an editor who finds great pleasure in adding to my workload at the wrong time. So, how about a tiny teaser from a book I’ve got coming out in the new year? I’m sure you’ll all enjoy a snippet from Jett’s Gift, due out in Feb.2011 from Total E-Bound.

Six hundred years he’d lived in darkness, feeding off the dregs of humanity and finding love with those who, for the most part, had been cast out or shunned for being ‘different.’

Alex was different, and he loved the man like he’d never loved anyone before. Loved him more than he’d thought possible after so long, so very, very long. Their couplings were nothing less than amazing. Alex, as always, was brilliant in the many ways he’d found to pleasure Jett. The lovely man knew how to do things with his mouth and lips that drove Jett mad with desire. The sharpness of Alex’s mortal teeth tugging at flesh long chilled and lust-tainted with the passing of so much time both astonished Jett and impressed him tremendously. He’d thought he was long past the intensity of arousal Alex garnered in him. Thinking of his lover’s amazing oral capabilities made his rod stiffen to majestic proportions and sensitivity. The gentle nipping of the man’s mouth was enough to set his teeth on edge and send flashes of ecstasy up his spine.

The best of the holidays to everyone!


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Merry Christmas to my friends, readers and fellow authors at the Grip! Jenna Byrnes here, popping in to wave hello and wish everyone happy holidays. I can’t believe it’s been just over a year since I stopped my weekly Grip blog posts. They say time flies when you’re having fun, and whether or not the past year has been fun, I’ve certainly found this to be true. Time, indeed, marches on.

The past few years I set a hectic pace for myself. Many months I had more than one new release at a time. It was fun, frantic, frenetic, fast-paced, furious, and a few other f-words I could probably mention. *G* Alas, it was a schedule I couldn’t live with any longer. After a great deal of consideration, I decided to cut back my erotic writing to the titles I co-author with my friend and fellow workaholic, Jude Mason. Fans of our Kindred Spirits series, never fear. Book five is on the way, and book six will come out sometime in 2011.

I still plan to be around, just not on the same scale I was before. I have a life outside my computer, and I plan to enjoy it. I can already tell you, by cutting my workload down the month of December has been a true joy for me this year. All my Christmas preparations were done early and none of them felt like chores. It’s been a truly wonderful holiday season.

If you’d like to receive special notice announcements when I have news next year, please sign up for my mailing list. No chat, just short emails when news happens. There are also a few free reads in the files section there, so enjoy. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and best wishes from my computer to yours!

Jenna Byrnes
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Twas a Saturday Christmas, and whilst eating Yule Log,

I took time to pause at the Get a Grip Blog.

I’ve spent many hours with my friends who meet here

And I wanted to visit and wish them festive cheer.

You guys made me think, and kept me on my toes

Your comments made my cheeks burn like Rudolph’s red nose.

You’re witty and warm like a good English beer:

And I wish you a good Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Blessings of the holiday season everyone. And I hope 2011 brings you all the success and happiness you so richly deserve.
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  1. Hello, everyone!

    Thanks for taking the time to join us at the Grip. We do miss you! No more silly cats! No more photos of Canadian wildlife! We do, dear Ashley, still provide the occasional bawdy verse, which we dedicate to your memory...

    Hope you all are having a rollicking Christmas!


  2. O' ye ghosts of Christmas past. . .

    Good to see you here again, even if only a day. I'm reminded of how long the list has been running and all the odd changes its gone through. It reminds me of some high flying rock band who keeps getting personnel changes as time goes by, album by album.

    Jenna and Jude; You guys are so prolific!! I don;t know how you do it.

    Ashley: We miss your goofy poetry and you. I'm struggling to carry your banner, but you need to stay handy.

    Merry Christmas you guys.


  3. Merry Christmas to all of you.

    Hopefully 2011 will give me the change in schedule I need so I can spend more time here.



  4. I have to thank Michelle for allowing me to toot my horn here, if only for the week. I've missed you all in this past year and try to visit at least once a week, although I post much less often. You're all amazing entertainment!

    Thank you Lisabet and Garce for taking the time to comment. I hadn't realized it'd been a year since I left this merry group. Ash, I do hope your life is settling down to whatever passes for normalish in your household.

    It's Christmas morning here, and very quiet. Hubby and I have taken this day to ourselves. Non-stop celebration over the last few days is more than this poor old gal needs. Sheesh! I smoked our turkey a couple of days ago, and man on man did it turn out BEAUTIFULLY! Today, we're going to enjoy each others company, and possibly take a walk along the beach.

    I wish you all the very merriest of Christmas's and an awesome 2011


  5. Merry Christmas friends! Things have finally slowed down here, too. Two full days of family and food has been wonderful. Now, hubby is settled in front of his new 25th Anniversary Mario Wii game and I'm loading books onto my brand new Kindle! hee hee hee

    Hope the next year brings you all great things!



  6. Great to see you folks again! Best wishes to the wonderful Grippers—current and vintage—for 2011.


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