Friday, December 17, 2010

What's with the but?

I know that I should be focusing on the topic at hand, but if you will indulge me for just one moment - I graduated last Saturday! Whoohoooooooo! Happy Snoopy Funky-Chicken Macaraina Limbo dancing!

Okay ... now back to our regularly schedule blog topic.

I probably come at it all from the wrong angle, but I have never really understood the whole "naughty but nice" thing. To me, naughty has always been a good thing. If something is naughty, it tends to be a mild taboo, or forbidden for whatever reason, but not truly bad.

Maybe it is because I quite doing the Santa thing when I was 8. Even before then, I always had a problem with the whole around the world to everyone's house in 24 hours. And why didn't I ever get what I really wanted if Santa was so great? Huh?

Yeah. So the divide between Naughty and Nice never really clicked.

When I was younger I was naughty. I put my sisters bras on the fan and then when she would bring friends over I would wait until I could hear them coming up the stars, then hit the switch to turn the fan on right as the door opened. Oh yeah! Bras in the face!

Nothing bad about that.

In high school, I was naughty too. I admit it. But I wasn't truly bad. I did some silly, irresponsible things, but nothing truly awful.

Even now, I am what some people I know would consider to be naughty.

* I write erotica. Shhh! Big secret there. I have even written a short Christmas tale involving creative use of jingle bells, just in case anyone is interested. LOL *cough* Tied With A Bow * cough* I know, I am just naughty sneaking that in there! LOL

* I am bisexual. Yep, hell has a nice toasty spot for me after that one. And please, no lovely "fense-sitter" emails. My inbox is full enough as is. I am still playing catch up from, um, September. *See above off topic comment for reason why.

* I think that sex should be fun. And as I embaressed my whole Race, Class, and Gender class with comments on that particular issue, at least 30 complete strangers can now tell you that no way in hell am I a 'close you eyes and think of England' kind of girl. Me, I am thinking of Australia. The land down-under. *wiggle eyesbrows* (I had to explain that one to some in the class, which was almost as awkward as explaining to my very prudish mother that Rue Paul is a guy.)

* I believe that self-loving is a very necessary aspect of human sexuality, either with a partner or solo. Go Masterbation Month! I wish that I had been the one to think of that! Speaking of, I also love to watch people doing a little self-lovin'.

* And I know it isn't popular, even with some of my fellow grippers, but I love pin-up art! My favorites are Vargas and Garv. I also love looking at women in nudies mags. I know it isn't a popular topic, but well, it's just something that I enjoy.

All naughty things that a good girl shouldn't do. But hey, naughty is nice! Good thing that I never in a million years claimed to be a good girl. But I also try my best not to be bad.

Viva la naughty girls! And naughty guys!


  1. Hi Michele,

    I feel like I should go back to my post and add - "Yeah, what Michele said."

    Great sideways look at naughty (if you're that kind of naughty, who needs nice?)

  2. Congratulations on the graduation!

    I'd certainly agree that naughty and nice aren't opposites, and both can be good.

  3. Big congratulations on graduation! That much be such a huge relief. (Now adding 'thinking of Australia' to my list)

  4. Hi Michelle

    Sounds like fun. Hey- and congratulations on your graduation.


  5. Mike,

    LOL I have felt that way quite often at the end of the week when it is my time to post. Or even better, how the hell am I supposed to top that? Like after readings Garce's post this week. LOL I read it to hubby and said, so what should I write? He just laughed and walked out of the room.


  6. Fulani,

    Thanks so much!

    Indeed, it isn't an all or nothing situations, any way you look at it. Naughty but nice or Naughty is nice.


  7. Kathleen,


    Hubby has a thing he does on facebook called "michelleisms" where he posts the odd comments and snarks that I make sometimes. That one thought he couldn't add though. LOL


  8. Garce,

    Why thank you kind sir. It feels good, really good, to know that for now at least, I am done. Until grad school that is.


  9. Hey, Michelle,

    Popping in a bit late here, but first let me offer you a huge CONGRATULATIONS! We're all proud of you. I suspect you're pretty proud of yourself. Well done!

    And I love and applaud your post. I want to know if I can borrow the "thinking about Australia" line. It's the best thing I've heard in quite a while.

    As for being a "fence sitter" (yes, I'm bisexual too, though not as much of a practicing one as I'd like...), let me just say that there are other things I'd far rather sit on...!

    Happy holidays, hon!


  10. Lisabet,

    Thanks sweetie. : )

    Yes you may indeed borrow the Thinking About Australia line. LOL I've gotten pretty good embaressment milage out of it, so have fun.

    And yeah, being bisexual is kinda tricky. I don't see myself as a fense sitter but I have gotten hate mail. Oh the joys of the internet.



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