Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Birthday Laziness

Dammit! I picked horror for this week's topic, and even though people don't like it they've written these amazing, intricate, beautiful posts. But it's my birthday today and I'm all drunk on cake and can't write a big, amazing, beautiful post! I just want to lie somewhere and watch my birthday presents and marvel over the fact that I'm now a whole 32 years old.

So forgive, my fellow glorious post writing Grippers. Forgive me, readers. I'm just going to do a quick list of my top five fave horror movies.

Here we go:

1. Ringu. A girl comes out of the telly. A GIRL COMES OUT OF THE TELLY. It remains the only horror movie I was too afraid to watch the end of on my own, as an adult. I had to wait until Husband came home.

2. 28 Days Later. I had to watch this one until the end, because unfortunately I made the mistake of watching it for the first time at a cinema. People cried when I shit my pants.

3. IT. Yes, I know it's just a crappy made for TV serialisation of a Stephen King novel. Yes, I know that this usually equals total disaster. But Tim Curry as Pennywise is actually and literally responsible for the pervasive modern day fear of clowns. He just is. I was in a caravan full of friends when I first watched this, and I still hid my eyes whenever he came on.

4. A Nightmare On Elm Street. So terrifying that I couldn't even look at the main bad guy's face, as a kid. And still, today, when Husband does Freddy Krueger's voice, I scream.

5. Fright Night. I'm putting this on the list because it's one of the few truly great comedy-horrors, but unlike most comedy-horrors, it also happens to make you shit pants when her face is all wrong at the end.

And that is my list. I was going to do a list of horror books, actually, but then I realised - I never find books half as scary as movies. Weird, huh? I mean, I've never put a book down because I was so scared - not even in IT when he pinches the kid's arm.

Maybe horror just has to be more in my face, to really get to me.


  1. Drunk on cake sounds like a brilliant idea.

  2. You're another December baby? I call my December 26th birthday the "armpit of birthdays", because everyone just saw me yesterday (Christmas Day) and doesn't even bother to call me. Only a few close friends send cards...I've spent years training my husband and kids to wrap my gifts in blue/yellow/pink paper, because red and green is "yesterday's present".

    Happy birthday, Charlotte!
    Unlike you, cake is NOT what I get "drunk" on to celebrate! To each their own! (smile).

  3. Happy Birthday, Charlotte!!

    I can't believe what a young thing you are.

    In any case, you have every reason to be drunk. Enjoy it!

  4. Late happy birthday from me too, Charlotte! (OMG - you're less than a year older than my youngest stepson. So accomplished for your age.)

  5. Kathleen - it is the BEST! I don't like drunk the normal way.

    Fiona - LOL! I love my armpit birthday. But that's because I see it as Christmas Two. You're all sad that Christmas is over, and then hooray! Another Christmas WITH THE EXACT SAME NUMBER OF PRESENTS NO SKIMPING.

    Lisabet - aww, yay! I am a young thing! Thanks.

    Jean - Funny, cos I always think I should have started younger. But I guess everyone always says that, no matter what age they are!


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