Thursday, December 8, 2011

The No-Name Carol

by Jean Roberta.

While thinking about Holiday Nonsense, I thought about the current conflict over the eclipse of "Merry Christmas!" as a traditional greeting with "Happy Holidays!" and variations on that theme.

While I was deep in uffish thought, a sparkly holiday angel appeared and whispered this poem in my ear. (Unfortunately, she didn't give me a melody, but I'm sure one could be found. She also didn't tell me how to format lyrics here on the blog.) If she ever comes back, Garce, I'll encourage her to visit you next year.

The No-Name Carol
(by Jean, but it's free for copying & sharing)

“Put Christ back in Christmas!” the Christians declare. /“The thing is now pagan as hell. /It’s an orgy of greed, with no love and no care, /And when God’s wrath will come, who can tell?”

The Jews and the Muslims, the wiccans and all /Have been waiting for two thousand years /For love without limits to fill every hall, /While good will dries up crocodile tears.

“It’s all about Solstice,” the pagans explain, /“When we light up the darkness and sing. /The earth is snow-covered, but we don’t complain. / We’ll keep up our courage ‘till spring.”

“So call it whatever you like, and be glad /If you’ve got all you need for a party, /And can share the good times with a lass or a lad, /And help those without to eat hearty.”

Let’s not preach about holy men, sinless and pure. /This isn’t the time or the place. /Say “Cheer of the Season!” and don’t be a boor. /Just plaster* a smile on your face.

*Note: some folks find that getting plastered is a great help, but some can find ways to appear cheerful without drinking huge quantities of spiked eggnog. Your mileage may vary.


  1. Indeed, sentiment I couldn't agree more on, Jean...and getting plastered too! Though, I have to say, as someone who doesn't drink, I've never had trouble getting drunk...on good company! :-)

  2. Hi Jean!

    I'd give that a ten, Mr. Clark. Its got a beat and you can dance to it.

    I` agree about "Happy Holidays", its not the same. "Merry Christmas" at least invokes something of the sacred, but when i hear happy Holidays i hear crowds in shopping malls. I used to hate Christmas, but i'm dloing better now.

    Merry Christmas!


  3. Hi, Jean,

    Trust you to give even nonsense a political twist!

    Thanks for diving into the spirit of things!

  4. Alexandra, I feel the same! (I drink in moderation, but it's the company that provides the fizz.)

  5. Garce,

    Thank you for the endorsement of my song-writing ability, but do you mean to say that my message isn't clear? (Probably not - hard to sum up a controversy in bouncy lyrics.)

  6. Thank you, Lisabet.

    & for everyone who reads this, there is occasionally a special on TV at this time of year about the history of how Christmas has been celebrated (or not - Puritans believed in attending church, period) over the centuries. Controversy over how this should be done & what it means is not new.


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