Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tight Christmas

By Lisabet Sarai

After last week's emotional intensity, I thought the Grip needed a bit of levity. So I've proposed the topic "Holiday Nonsense". Doing my part, I offer you my personal revision of a holiday favorite - with apologies to Irving Berlin and Bing Crosby.

I'm dreaming of a tight Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know,
With the hand cuffs gripping,
My master whipping,
The clit vibe busy down below.

I'm dreaming of a tight Christmas,
With every twisted loop and knot.
With complex shibari,
He'll see how far he
Can go toward making his sub hot .

I'm dreaming of a tight Christmas
Spread eagle 'neath the Christmas tree
With my nip clamps aching,
His for the taking,
There's nowhere I would rather be

I'm dreaming of a tight Christmas
With every kinky tale I write
May your scenes be played to excite
And may all your Christmases be tight.

-- Happy Holidays!


  1. Nicely done, and beautifully crooned!

  2. Lisabet, this is probably the best BDSM poem I've ever read. The rhymes and rhythm are flawless. On top of all that, it's erotically cute, a light-hearted take on something that is often treated in a much darker manner.

    Thanks for the big Sunday morning smile.


  3. Thanks, Craig and Rose,

    Craig - I was surprised to discover that the original lyrics include only a single verse, plus the conclusion. That certainly wasn't enough for me!

    Rose - I'd like people to realize that D/s (when done properly, with someone you know and trust) can be great fun, as well as breathtakingly exciting.

  4. it's only four days into December and already I'm done with endless carols and Bing singing this song.


  5. Sorry, Widdershins!

    You don't have to sing it. You could do a pantomine... ;^)

  6. That is just lovely! Now I want to go out caroling. Nice job.

  7. Lisabet,

    ok now one for the Partridge in a pear tree...

    Loved it. Thanks.

  8. Lisabet, you & Garce should collaborate on a collection of naughty Xmas ditties. :)


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