Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Reno Effect

Do home-owners become part of their domiciles over time? Do changes to the house affect those who live in it?

Consider the Reno Effect.

Jean Roberta is Not at Home. This does not mean she is a Victorian socialite who chooses to snub certain callers by sending word that she is not to be disturbed.
She is actually not living in her home at the moment. She and her spouse are currently staying in a motel for a few days.

This is part of the Reno Effect: homeowners disappear temporarily.

The entire second floor of their house had to be vacated so that a reno crew could come in to take down the wallpaper (even though it put up a good fight), repaint the walls and remove the off-white wall-to-wall carpeting. (Actually, it was slightly off-white in 1999, when Jean & spouse moved in. It has since become very off-white due to the presence of 3 little dogs. The cats are neater & prefer their litter-box.)
The floor will then be covered by laminate flooring and a few throw rugs.

Disconnecting a computer can cause the home-owner to appear invisible to those not in her immediate physical vicinity when she is off-line. You can test this out by trying it at home.

The renovations are planned to be completed by Christmas Eve, but then all the furniture has to be replaced in the second-floor rooms where it belongs.

Quite a few of the books in Jean's voluminous library are scheduled for disappearance. She is not willing to move them all again in this lifetime. The books to be removed will undoubtedly reappear somewhere else (Value Village, a second-hand book store, or the hallway outside Jean's office at the university, where there is a tradition of offering books to all interested takers this way).

Completed home renovations are said to make the inhabitants more visible once the dust has settled, since an appealing environment helps to inspire thinking and writing. Time will tell whether the experiment is succussful.

Meanwhile, Happy Holidays from the invisible blogger, sending you this mesage from another dimension.

:~) :~) **** ^^^^^


  1. My sympathies, Jean!

    I hate renovations. However, I applaud your good intentions in winnowing your books - as well as your cleverness in working the construction project around into a sci fi vein!

  2. Good luck with the rennovations.


  3. Having just moved house I can sympathise. Especially with the moving books thing, and the invisibility thing. We didn't become totally invisible, just had to run off a laptop, mobile dongle and temporary Gmail email addresses until we got broadband up and running in the new place.

    But we're back now, in the new home, and around half-unpacked...

    Happy Christmas!


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