Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cabin Fever?

I was confused at first when this topic hit the board. "What the heck is cabin fever?" I asked the Mr. He explained that NORMAL people require sunlight and activities outside of the house to avoid going crazy. When I gave him my usual "Huh" look he told me to re-watch The Shining.

Oh. Okay. Going nuts because you are stuck inside due to shorter days and cold weather. Yeah, I don't have that. I hate being outside. I don't like the sun. I am an Irish girl so I burn ridiculously easily, never tanning but peeling and ending up as ghost white as I started. So I am not in any way, shape, or form a sun worshipper.

As for activities outside the house...well I also have the good fortune of being incredibly lazy. So sitting on my ass inside with nothing else to do is actually a favorite past time. I hate the cold, but other than temperature issues I freakin' love winter. I can get out of doing all kinds of things due to snow and rain and the like. "Oh, sorry I can't make it to the (insert outside obligation here) the roads are just terrible and the kid has a cold and the dogs can't be left alone...yeah, winter kind of rocks.

Plus, if I am cooped up in my house with nothing else to do, I can write more books. No one complains that I have been on the computer all day because they are too busy finding things to do on their own so that they are not stuck with this "Cabin Fever" thing. Everyone wins!

Now, for those of you who are snickering at how witty Dakota is I should warn you, I am not kidding. I have never, not once, said to anyone that we should go outside and do something. Not once. I like INSIDE. Inside there is internet, and food, and the temperature is the same year round. Outside there are bugs, and that dreaded sun up there in the sky, and it is cold/hot/wet/etc at any given time. And since I live in Michigan it can be all of those things within five hours. Not fun for me.

So sorry, but I can't blog about beating cabin fever cause I don't really understand it.

Dakota Rebel

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  1. No one has ever accused you of being normal, my dear. Part of why we love you!


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