Friday, January 9, 2009

Gimme Fever

Cabin fever must be a horrible state of mind to drift into. I truly can’t imagine ever suffering from it. When the weather turns bad, we turn to each other. We play games, watch movies, soak up the heat of our hot tub or any number of things to keep our mind off of being unable to enjoy the outdoors.

Last year we experienced a horrible ice storm that left many without electricity for weeks. Those lucky enough to have generators were still effectively iced in for several days. Even if you were brave enough to venture out, nearly every store and all restaurants in the area were closed. How did we get through the isolation? We lit candles and played board games and read and well… various other activities that seemed to make the time fly.

When my son became bored with our company (which was inevitable, but did take nearly two days), he would bundle up, grab his sled and slip and slide up and down the roads. No cars out, meant he could do something he normally wouldn’t have an opportunity to do.

I guess my point is that any situation is only as bad (or good for that matter) as you make it.


  1. My brother and his wife were in that same ice storm. Yep, you do what you can in that situation!

  2. brings back lots of memories of when I was a kid *grin*

    nice blog post, and you are sooo on target.


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