Thursday, January 15, 2009

Outta my way!

Goals are tricky things. There are the big, all encompassing ones and the tiny everyday ones. Some of them are things you can accomplish on your own, others require the cooperation of others.

I posted on my personal blog my idea of New Year's Resolutions. (Mid-range goals, I guess.) My nine things to do in '09 include things like "visit one place I've never been before" and "make at least one new friend." I do NOT make resolutions about losing weight (no need to sabotage myself on that one) or getting a bigger publishing contract. My major goals are things that make me stretch, not things that make me crazy. My short term goals are more like tasks, as Dakota said. "Finish this book by Jan. 31, Make revisions to that one by the end of next week." I try to make it WORK, but not INSANE. Sometimes that's a balance that's hard to achieve. I do find that short term goals are more likely to be met if I've told someone about them. I hate admitting failure, so I will work hard to do what I said I was going to do.

My bigger goals? Make enough from my writing to ease the financial strain on my household. Maybe be able to fund a vacation or two, and--gulp--college which is approaching fast for my sons. Get back in shape, so that when I do have the money to travel, I can do all the things I want to do, without falling on my face. (Let's just admit that Cindy surfing was not a pretty sight.)

Sometimes, you have to adjust your goals, as life and circumstances change. I try to remember that and take it in stride. Friends and family are more important than goals. Mostly, I try to make my goals something for me to work on, and not let them get in the way of others. Life is too short to be a jerk.


  1. "My major goals are things that make me stretch, not things that make me crazy." This is such a wise statement. But you know, in some sense, it's as much about how you react to your goals as what those goals are.

    Last year my main resolution was "I will not make myself crazy about promoting my writing. I will commit to doing a few new things, and be satisfied." That's worked rather well (at least psychologically! I'm still not a household name!) 2008 was far more comfortable for me than 2007, even though I worked harder at promotion. I didn't feel as though I was going around in circles.

  2. Yeah, I like that about being a jerk. I've definitely gotten between a jerk and their goals and it's not a comfortable place.


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