Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hasta la Vista

Well, it's been fun, but I think we're all running out of things to say. I do want to thank Lisabet and the new Grip crew for taking over, and I'll definitely be here next week cheering them on. For a sneak peek at the new crew, look at the lit of contributors on the left.

Change is good, right? Getting tired and stagnant is maybe the one thing that truly makes us feel old, so we need to mix things up. When I started here, I didn't have my own blog, so a lot of my venting went on here. Now I have my own forum, so be sure and visit me there now and then.

Big thanks to Anny, and Dakota, and James and Brynn. I've had a blast working with you for the last--year? Really? And to Kelly and Rita, founding members and friends both who helped make the Grip the fun place it is. Now it's time for a fresh new outlook on things, and I'm really pleased that five other authors thought enough of the Grip to want to keep it going.

So TTFN, and I see you around the web!

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  1. It has been a great time to share opinions with you. I will miss the collaboration. Thank goodness we are friends off the blog or I'd go crazy. lol.

    Hugs sweetie. Thanks for inviting me to hang out in the first place.

    My word verification is "hustiomp" I think that means something really profound.



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