Monday, January 19, 2009

Sound Track?

I confess this subject is new to me. I suspect that I have a touch of ADD so peripheral sounds--even music--are very distracting when I am writing. And to tell the truth, I don't listen to music very much.

But on occasion, a song will strike a chord with me, giving me a story idea that I might (or might not) use. A song from one of Josh Groban's albums was just such a melody. I was contemplating one of my characters for a future Mystic Valley book, a character that was in his youth a singer very much like Josh. But I just couldn't get a handle on what his story was going to be. And then, the song, soaring through my apartment struck that chord and I knew what I needed to write.

Music touches our souls. And sometimes it gives us the answer.



  1. Bravo Anny! As usual you have stated it perfectly.


  2. Oh, I so love this topic. I love music. I used to dance all the time, music just made things better in the world. I don't dance so much now, but I still can't do anything else if music is playing but listen and appreciate it.

    I've gotten ideas for stories, filled out characters based on the gusto of a song. I've got a folder with partially written works, along with the songs that inspired them.

    Yet, you put music on while I'm deep in writing mode, and it'll drag me right out and I'll fume. It's either or with me. Music or write. At least most of the time.

    Awesome post, Amy!

  3. I'm with you -- on ideas anyway. I get lots of ideas for books or parts of stories from music.


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