Monday, January 26, 2009

Moving On...

This is my last week at OhGetAGrip! Yep. Time to unwind and spend some down time getting my act together. So I'm moving on. It's been fun and very interesting blogging with James and the ladies. I found it amazing to see so many different views on the subjects we wrote about.

But, now I need to get back to the works in progress that are piling high on my desk. I've been getting behind on my "extras"--you know those bits and pieces that help you keep all your characters straight? My series bibles are in sad shape, crying out for attention.

Hope you'll hang around and meet my replacement! My best wishes to her and the new crew!



  1. Love the kitty, anny!

    We hope you will come by and visit the Grip often after you "retire"!

  2. Awww Anny you were the queen of the blog. I have been busy too & so my visits have been sporadic. I hope you shall find time to 'be around'




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