Friday, January 16, 2009


Goals are integral to the growth process, not just as writers but as people. If you’re not constantly looking forward, you will grow stagnate. As I’m sure is the case with most of us, my goals shift and evolve as the years pass. I have literally dozens of goals at any given time, some small, others perhaps a bit too lofty.

I’ve seen several of my goals appear among the posts of my fellow contributors, so rather than recover ground that has already been treaded oh so eloquently, I thought it would be more fun to post my top ten goals for this year.

10. Write an entire trilogy (each volume containing 80K+ Words).
9. Get more money for doing less at the day job (accomplished by receiving just the right promotion).
8. Become a Best Seller
7. Buy more real estate and flip it for a healthy profit.
6. Get back into the same shape I was in while I was in the Army.
5. Learn a new language or learn more in one that I’m weak in (I speak thirteen now with varying degrees of fluency).
4. Dance more.
3. Help a complete stranger for no apparent reason.
2. Win the lottery.
1. Become the undisputed ruler of the entire free world.

Some of these will obviously be a bit easier to accomplish than others, but I’m going to give them all one helluva shot.


  1. You go James! Good luck with ALL of that. You could end up having one HELL of a year with goals like that. I hope you acheive them all...and remember those of us who encouraged you along the way. ;)


  2. #1 is the most difficult to carry out responsibly task!

    Thirteen languages! are you planning to be an interpreter at the UN

    # 3 is my favorite too!

  3. Remember us little people when you rule the world.


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