Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let Me Out

Okay, I AM one of those who suffers from Cabin Fever. Doesn't even have to be winter, but it helps. I never noticed this too much while I was working outside the house, especially when I was working two jobs, or hauling my oversized butt up and down hills all day at a nature center. By the time I got home, I was too wiped out to want to put shoes and a coat on and leave again. Now that I work at home, though, I definitely reach the point of climbing the walls.

Part of my make-up is an enormous love of travel, and of experiencing new things. My dh? Not so much. So while I'm getting itchy feet and wanting to go somewhere--anywhere, he's happy to spend his free time flicking channels on the TV. Plus, he does work long hours outside the house, and enjoys vegging out when he finally does get to spend some time at home.

So what to do? Traveling solo is too expensive--just no budget for that on a small-press writer's pay. I can think of a few small things that help, when I get my backside in gear and do them--things I've promised myself to do more often in 2009.

1. Exercise. Cliche, but true. I have a deep-water aerobics class at the local high-school pool. Since I love being in the water, this is good for me mentally as well as physically. Also gives me the chance to talk to other humans, so it's well worth the couple hours away from my computer.

2. Change of scene: I need to remember to pack up the laptop and go somewhere else to write for a while. Local coffee shop or even the public library. At least it's a different set of walls to look at, and you're not constantly distracted by things like dishes or laundry.

3. Other writers: Spending time with any of my writer friends always refreshes me and makes me remember why I wanted to do this in the first place. Lunch out with Dakota or a Monday night critique meeting usually help put the blahs back in their place.

Someday, though? The change of scene is going to mean typing on the lanai looking out over the beach. If I keep telling myself that, it's bound to come true, right?


  1. I should come out to see you more often and help with your cabin fever problem.

    As for the travel, if your Mr. doesn't want to go I'll tag along with you. Where do you want to go? Road trip to Chicago? ;)


  2. keep your dream alive for them to come true!


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