Saturday, January 17, 2009

It’s Never Too Late for New Year’s Resolutions

Please welcome the very naughty Kaenar Langford to the blog today who has some fun goals.

I know it’s a few weeks past New Year’s and resolution time, but I don’t think it’s ever too late to decide to do better. With this in mind, I’ve set 10 goals for myself for the year and I’ve also provided myself with some incentive to follow through.

1. I’ll spend more time doing the vacuuming and if that doesn’t work out, I’ll hire someone to do it for me.

2. I’m going to spend more time cleaning the bathroom. Again, a local cleaning service could be hired to make sure I’m keeping this resolution.

3. I’m going to spend more time in the kitchen. And some of it might even be spent cooking.

4. I’m going to offer to help my neighbour look for the soap next time he loses it.

5. I’m going to make that pesky mirrored wall in the bedroom shine. There always seem to be fingerprints on it. Or maybe the prints are not from fingers.

6. I’m going to hire a local handyman to get some jobs done around the house.

7. I’m going to take more time for myself, do things I like, such as going to the beach.

8. I’m going to help my neighbour’s son build a snowman. He’s not so sure about my design.

9. I’m going to learn to play pool.

10. I’m going to become more physically active and take up whatever sport this is.

See, that’s not so difficult, is it? Just set some realistic goals, ask the right people for help, and you’re good to go.


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  1. Yummmm. Ex-cellent post! I think you're on to something.

    James, don't look!

  2. Thanks for the morning eye-candy:)

    hahaha...WV is 'swagger'!

  3. Ya know...I've got some things that need doing around the house. You should send that handy man over here when you're finished!

  4. Damn they all great. I have a great pool table in the basement.

    Theresa A

  5. Oh My GAWD! I want the guy in the kitchen. I'm sure I could help him with his goals.

    Whoo hooo, Kaenar!

  6. Gee, you're lucky to be able to get good help...!

    Keep us informed on how firmly you're sticking to those resolutions...~


  7. wow! that's some help I could do with too! :D


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