Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cabin Fever

Sorry, but when I hear this term, I picture the Muppets from Muppet Treasure Island chanting “We’ve got Cabin Fever. We’ve got Cabin Fever. We’ve got Cabin Fever …” Makes me giggle.

I rarely get cabin fever so I’m probably not going to be help to you at all. I am a hermit. If I could, I would go days on end without leaving the house, but I’m forced to and I often look like Mr. Mole blindly poking his head out of his hole and complaining about the bright evil sun—even if it’s not particularly bright. I’m content and happy with my life. I rarely want to get away.

Generally, if I get cooped-up syndrome it’s because I’ve been locked up in close quarters with people for too long without that solitude thing I was complaining about a few weeks ago. It’s very very easy to solve.

1. If I can get away for a few hours by myself, I will.

2. If I can’t get away, I completely rethink my everyday pattern and do something new. I don’t bake everyday, but I love to bake, so I’ll do that. Or I’ll do something artistic. I give myself a mind vacation without even stepping outside.


  1. I rarely get cabin fever, mostly because I too, am a cave dweller. In the Spring I get a little antsy, because I really do love be outside then, but other than that, not so much.

    I love your suggestions of taking mind vacations and doing something out of the ordinary. I'll remember that when I'm whining about how it's never going to be Spring. ;)

  2. Actually cabin fever is usually due to the family unit being stuck inside with us. Personally, I would be wonderfully happy on my own. But when you add the spousal unit and kids... well, I'm ready for them to all go somewhere. SOON. Add dark winter weather when they're all stuck inside with me? Oh no, I'm ready for something new.

    Good suggestions, Brynn. Baking... maybe some bread.


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