Saturday, January 10, 2009

Love Never-Ending

January 30th the 5th book in the Mystic Valley series will be released from Ellora's Cave. Love Never-Ending is Bishop and Samara's story. Love is never easy in the valley and in Bishop's case, his stubbornness makes it even more difficult.

Samara was aware of him the moment he walked through her garden. She couldn’t say what alerted her to his presence but she knew he was there, standing beneath the tree watching her. When she challenged him, he flushed in delayed embarrassment at being caught staring at her.
“Perhaps it would be best if I just went.”
Then she smiled. Clearly, that wasn’t what he really wanted to do. As she continued to watch him in turn, his cock poked at the front of his sharda indicating more than a passing interest. A strange desire to display her body for him crept over her. Impulsively following the odd urge, she twisted until she was facing him, stretched on her side with her head supported on her bent arm. “Is this what you wanted?” Slowly she bent her top leg so that her nearly bare mons was revealed. He caught a glimpse of swollen wet folds.
He inhaled sharply and fought the urge to haul his cock out of the heavy folds of fabric and stroke it while she watched. As though she read his very thoughts, she gestured toward his sharda. “You have seen me. May I see you?”
“If you will explain something to me?” He lifted an eyebrow in query.
“What would you like to know?”
“What does it mean when someone says you’re ineligible?”
A flash of pain crossed her face and then it was gone as she calmly replied, “I was raped when I was younger. Since I am no longer a virgin, I may not pledge or take the bond mate vows…and I will not have children.”
He went to her then, not thinking about any consequences, only intent on expressing comfort and outrage at the injustice. Already, though his time in the valley had been short, he understood the importance of childbearing to the valley inhabitants. “Why would that make any difference?”
“It is the law in the valley,” she said, sitting up as he stood next to the blanket. “Only virgins may pledge. Without the pledge there are no children.”
“Then what is left for one such as yourself?”
She shrugged. “If I find a man I wish to be with and he is not interested in children, then perhaps I will be fortunate enough to have a covenant bond. It is just as binding but there is no pledge—no mind bond. That is not likely to happen.”
Following impulse, Bish undid the tabs that fastened his sharda and cast it down on the edge of the blanket. He stood still as she stared in amazement at his genitals. Under her watchful eyes, his cock lengthened until it speared up from the black nest of curls at his groin. Her eyes widened and sparkled. Unable to resist, he stroked his cock with one hand while he cupped his heavy balls with the other proudly displaying himself for her pleasure.
Samara slowly licked her lips and then reached out, touching the flushed wet head with a gentle fingertip. “Are all out-valley men as generously endowed as you?”
“I suspect some more so, some less,” he admitted gravely.
“Your skin is such a beautiful color.” She moved to her knees in front of him. “May I hold you? I’ve never touched a man before.”
Bishop inhaled sharply. “There’s been no one since the rape?”
“No. When I was much younger, I couldn’t bear the idea of a man touching me.” She leaned forward and planted a kiss on the fat head of his cock. “And then, when I was old enough to consider it, no one was interested in me.”
“Why the hell not?” he burst out.
“Oh, partly because my parents were overprotective. And partly because I’m not eligible.” Though she answered him calmly enough, her eyes never left his cock. She licked her lips again, her tongue trailing across her bottom lip as though she still tasted him. “May I?”
“What, Samara? Tell me what you want,” Bish said quietly. “I want no misunderstandings between us.”
When her tongue flickered across her lips again his cock pulsed releasing another drop of clear fluid. “I want to taste you,” she declared in a sudden rush. “Can I taste you?”
“If you allow me to return the favor.”
“You wish to kiss me?”
“I wish to lick and suck your pussy until you have an orgasm. You know what that word is here in the valley?”
Samara bent her head over his cock and licked him with lush abandon, curling her tongue around him, sampling his textures and tastes. A low hum in her throat vibrated against the sensitive underside as she lavished more kisses and luxurious forays with that wicked flickering tongue.
Bishop speared his fingers in her tumbled golden brown hair and held her still. “Samara.”
“If we continue with this, I will not leave until I bring you to orgasm many times. Is that what you want?”
Samara was silent as she thought about that.
“Look at me,” he commanded. When her eyes met his, he asked, “Is that what you want?”
After a moment she nodded. “Yes.”

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